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oils & acrylics



"For we walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7 

The first thing anyone should know about Bryn is that he is a Christian.  The next thing you should know is that he has always loved art.  


As early as can be remembered, Bryn was drawing and painting incessantly. As he grew up, he slotted himself on to the career track of his parents before him and obtained an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration.  All during this time he kept hearing the voices of his parents echoing in his head, “we don’t care what you do for a living.  Just find something you love and pursue it with a passion.”


After over a decade in the corporate world, and still hearing the words of his parents, Bryn came to the realization that the world can, and will, impose itself on individuals and influence how they feel, think, and love.  Most of the time this imposition is so subtle that it’s difficult to see, even in one’s own life.  Bryn, like most people, found himself conforming to this world and ignoring his true passion and calling.    


After having his own “Saul on the road to Damascus” moment, and continuing to hear that still small voice, Bryn made the decision to transform his life and pursue his original passion (art).  Today, his art is a process of allowing the viewer to see the visual information through their own lens without telling them what to feel, to think, or to love.       


Bryn’s art is a “step-back” to that initial sensory feeling of color and intensity, while staying as abstract as possible for as long as possible, allowing the viewer to define and determine how they see each painting.  With the viewer not having a viewpoint imposed upon them, they have the freedom to truly see each painting as a completely new experience.  


Bryn’s desire, through his art, is an attempt to give a little bit of that freedom back to you, in his own small way.  Owning an original painting created by the artist allows the owner to feel the energy and physical presence of its creation and to partake in a personal interaction each time the painting is enjoyed.


This is the spirit within the passion that motivates Bryn to paint. 



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